Betz-Holmes Trust Scholarship

Betz-Holmes Scholarship Process

    The Betz-Holmes Scholarship Application and Notice of Betz-Holmes Annual Scholarship will be distributed to the Argenta-Oreana High School Counselor's office. The notice will be published in the Prairie Pulse and the Decatur Tribune, and posted at Casey's General Store in Argenta, Melistymart in Oreana, the Argenta-Oreana Public Library buildings in Argenta and Oreana, and on The Gerber State Bank's website and public bulletin board and the Argenta-Oreana Schools website around January 15th of each calendar year.

    The selection committee will review all applications submitted on time with the appropriate paperwork. The committee may select desired applicants for an interview. After the application review and interview process, the committee will select one or more applicants that they feel best meet the criteria set forth in the Betz-Holmes Trust. In making their choice, the committee will be guided by the student's character, intelligence, scholastic record, and financial need.

    Scholarship winners will be notified by mail.

    The money will be sent to the recipient's institution of higher learning and be paid to his or her account for the express purpose of tuition, books and fees, and room and board. The committee must receive a copy of the student's enrollment and class schedule. If notification is not received by the deadline, the recipient will be ineligible for any further grants. Funds cannot be retained for the following year.

    Awards will be disbursed in two (2) increments. One-half (1/2) will be sent at the beginning of the first semester, first trimester, or first quarter. The remaining one-half (1/2) will be sent to the school at the beginning of the second semester, second trimester, or third quarter after the institution of higher learning verifies that the student remains enrolled as a full-time student. The student must notify the committee if their enrollment status changes.

    Applicants can reapply annually, unless disqualified by becoming ineligible.

Notice of Betz-Holmes Annual Scholarship   Betz-Holmes Scholarship Application

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